Piggie Products And Health

For Specialist Cavy Care

  • Anderson Veterinary Group – Bromley Common Vets


If you live in or around South East London, or Bromley, Kent area, Then we would definitely recommend using this veterinary group.

Bromley Common Vets is lead by head vet, Patrick Dooley, (who has over 15 years experience!), and specialises in cavy care and exotics. He is supported by a lovey team of vets and veterinary nurses. They offer fantastic cavy care, as well as other things, such as FREE Dental and Weight Clinic’s, Puppy Parties and a Pet Bereavement Support Group.

All the staff are very friendly and professional, and unlike other places that we have tried over the years, they are more concerned about the animals needs, than the money you pay.

We have never had any bad experiences with them, so we definitely recommend them 100%. If your able to, please do give them a try.

You can find them at:

Andersons Veterinary Practice

125 Bromley Common




Tel: 0208 4607222 (24hrs)

Fax 0872 331 3271 

Email bromleyvets@googlemail.com



Gifts for you and your Guinea Pig

We have found some fantastic products that could spoil your Pig (and yourself). We have selected some of our favourite online shops:


  • The ever so amazing, wonderfully fantastic…. HayPigs

They offer a super cute collection of piggie must-haves, which all fit in with their “Circus” Theme.

The products available are beautifully designed and made, easy to clean, simple to use, affordable, and durable.

Some of their items include a “Circus Tent” Hidey House, a “Cannon” Play Tube, Veggie “Weight-Lifter”, “Lion Tamer” Food Bowl.., and lots more!

Get on over to their website and discover the magic for yourself!







  • For Amazing snuggly beds, hammocks, swings, toys, grooming products, and more! Check out My Little Rodent

You can find them either via their social media pages, or direct, at: https://mylittlerodent.com


  • If you want some amazing, all natural, healthy treats for your furbabies.., Then look no further than Healthier hops

They make yummy blends of forage mix, that your furbabies can enjoy either with their normal food, or as a healthy snack.

They make different mixes by hand, for a number of different small furries.., so hop on over to their Instagram or Facebook page, and check them out for yourselves!






  • Follow Card Creative on Instagram – Helen Wagner specialises in custom made pencil drawings. She has done some wonderful drawings of some of our special pigs. So be sure to get on over to see some of her stuff on her Instagram and her Etsy Shop - www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CardCreative


  • Gorgeous Guineas Uk – This is where we get all of our piggie spa products from, and we definitely recommend them for all your piggies skin and hair needs. Please visit their website: shop.gorgeousguineas.com