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Our Guests available now for adoption




Guinea Pigs




American Smooth x Dutch, <2 years old

Non-Neutered Male

This funny, crazy, cute little guy, came into The Ark 6 weeks ago.

He came in with his brother Chaz, as the pair of them lived together from just a few weeks old, and were absolutely fine… up until they hit puberty!

They both started fighting REALLY bad!! Their momma was so upset, as she just did not have the room to give them suitable sized, separate cages to live in. She also knew that they would be unhappy, so she would need to find them both new friends… but with the limited space that she already was facing in her flat., she knew in her heart, that it just wasn’t possible.

Even though she was so heartbroken, she did not want to pick one of her boys to keep, and one to give up.. so she made the best choice for them, and she surrendered the both to us.

Chaz has since found his forever home, and now Dave is looking for his happy ending too.

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Abyssinian Female, 7 weeks old

This beautiful little ball of fluff is looking for her forever home.

She came into The Ark 2+ weeks ago, with her brother, after being a surprise for their mommas owners.

Their momma was brought with another female from a large pet store chain, and she must of already been pregnant…, as a few days after taking the girls home.., they were greeted with the surprise of two beautiful babies!

Zoro, the male, has already been booked out, and is going to his new home next weekend.., but baby Minnie is looking for her forever home too.

If you would like to book in a visit to meet her, please give us a call.


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Spotted Rex 10 months old

Apricot came into us a few months ago, as a “Male”!! But she obviously wasn’t, as just a few days later, she gave birth to 8 beautiful little babies.

The babies are all grown up now, and some have even left us now for their forever homes, but she is still here and available.

She is a very sweet and gentle young lady, and was a fantastic momma.

She is now looking for her happy ending.




Baby Bunnies

4 non-neutered female – Rex (Mother) x Lop (Father)

They were born here, at The Ark, on 9th June 2019.

Their momma came into us just a few days prior to their birth, as a “MALE”!, That then turned into a “Neutered Female”…, (which she obviously wasn’t!)

The babies and momma are all doing extremely well, and they’re all now looking for their forever homes.

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Other Small Furries

We currently do not have any other Small Furries available at the moment.

If you are interested in any of our guests and wish to see any more pictures or arrange a visit, please contact us.



Our Residents

PLEASE NOTE – The following piggies are our FULL TIME residents here at The Ark, and they are NOT available for adoption.

You are most welcome to pop along and meet them though, just call us and book in a visit.


Rest In Perfect Piggie Paradise

Andy Panda (Anderson) & (Queen) Crystal

They crossed over the rainbow bridge aged 5 & 1/2 years (Andy) & 6 & 1/2 years (Crystal)

Andy was a Male British Smooth and Crystal was a Female Abyssinian.

They were both very confident and vocal, especially at meal times! Andy loved runner beans, cuddles and stealing chocolate! Crystal loved ALL food – even if it’s not meant to be edible! If she could reach it, she would eat it! They were the eldest residents and lived together since they were a 10 weeks old.

Andy Panda passed away peacefully, in his sleep on 16th July 2018, after being diagnosed with kidney cancer 3 days earlier. He is still dearly missed, by all of us here at The Ark.

Crystal was put to sleep in the middle of surgery on 9th July 2019. She was sick for only a few days, but it ended up being a huge tumour. Her whole liver was already completely destroyed, and it just wasn’t right to keep her alive and let her suffer.

We had Crystal cremated, and the crematorium kindly mixed her and Andy Panda’s ashes together, and put them together in a beautiful box with their names on…. they will be together now, and always.









Jacob & Wig-Wigs

5 & 1/2 years old

Jacob is male & Wig-Wigs is Female. Both are American smooth crested.

Jacob came into The Ark after being neglected and dumped outside our local pet store. He was left almost for dead in a cardboard box, with his cage mate. After 6 weeks of treatment and care, Jacob made a full recovery. Sadly, his friend didn’t make it. Wig-Wigs came into the rescue with her two sisters. Her sisters found their forever home but Wig-Wigs stole our heart’s and wanted to stay. She was so happy when she met Jacob and they have been inseparable ever since. Wig-Wigs got her name as she was always shouting “Wig-Wigs!”












Mr Macs & Miss Kendall

4 years old

Male Abyssinian & Female Rex

Mr Macs is a total ladies man! He melts in any woman’s arms and loves giving lots of kisses and cuddles.

Mr Macs came to The Ark, a very loved and cared for pig. His owner moved back to the USA and couldn’t take her baby boy with her.  He was so special, he became a resident.

Miss Kendall originally belonged to a family member of ours, who owned two piggies. Unfortunately, Kendall’s sister passed away and her momma started a new job, and felt like she just didn’t have as much time with her as she would of wanted, so she asked us if she could live here. Mr Macs was of course over the moon to get a new girlfriend…. but little did he know, she would boss him about and tell him off all the time!

Kendall is definitely one sassy little lady!

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Born 29th October 2018 (10 months old)

Female Golden Agouti Abyssinian.

After losing our Andy Panda in July 2018, We knew that we needed a friend for our eldest resident Crystal.

We attempted to bond her with a lovely young female called Talulah Rose, but Crystal being her usual self, did not want to accept her.

Then, in mid November, we had a call about a litter that had been left at Pets At Home, so we decided to try Crystal with one of the babies…. And…. We officially welcomed Baby Nana (Banana) to The Ark Guinea Family on 4th December.

She is fast, vocal.., and  very sassy!



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Born 27th May 2019 

Female Light Brown and Ginger Abyssinian.

After losing Crystal in July this year (2019), we knew that we needed to find a new friend for our little Nala.

We didn’t want it to be something we rushed into, as piggies do need time to grieve, just as we do…, but when we was at one of our local pet stores, just over a week ago… we found this beautiful little girl, who was the only Abyssinian in the cage.

We asked for a cuddle with her.. and she stole our hearts right there and then… so she just HAD to come home with us!

She gets on really well with all of the ark residents, and loves spending all day, everyday, playing with them all.

She is still currently sleeping in her own cage at night.., but she shouldn’t have any bother whatsoever, when the time does come for her to move in with Nala.

She has us all wrapped around her little paw already!