Piggie Spa Holidays

A Piggy Holiday Home!

We offer holiday boarding for your fur-babies.

If you need someone to take care of, and spoil your pigs when you are away, Then LOOK NO FURTHER! We offer wonderful Piggie Pampering Spa Breaks! We house all piggies inside our beautiful new piggie shed, which we lock up at night, for their safety and for your added peace of mind. We use the best produce we can get our paws on, in all aspects, for all of our Pigs, including Timothy Hay, Redi Grass, Nuggets enriched with Vitamins (especially Vitamin C) and a wide variety of vegetables (fruits for treats). We also give them toys in their cage (which get rotated every other day for stimulation) as well as handling them every day, and supervised garden play time, or indoor floor play, depending on the weather.

Your piggies(s) will have a pampering spa, which includes a coat and skin conditioner, a shampoo with massage, a cool blow dry, foot and ear rub, nail trimming and filing, and for males, a boar clean. They even get to feel like a superstar! by having their very own photo shoot. All images will be emailed to you, for you to print, upload and share on social media, or do anything else you please with them, as you will have the copying rights.

We will also give them a full health check.

Prices start from £6 per day, depending on how many Piggies.

We get EXTREMELY BUSY during the school holidays & public holidays, so early booking is highly advised! During our “Peak Seasons” (Please see below for details), you will need to make PAYMENT IN FULL at booking, but in our “Off Peak” times, it is a 50% NON REFUNDABLE Deposit** to book in.

Our peak times are:

1st June ~ 15th September

20th December ~ 2nd January


All our Piggie Pampering Spa products are made especially for piggies, by Gorgeous Guineas UK.


Group of 6 guinea pigs on a white background


We do offer a Piggie Pampering Spa Day Visit too! (please ask for further information)


** 50% Deposit is only refundable, if your booking is cancelled by us. In peak times, when full payment is taken at booking, you would be refunded your full payment, only if your booking is canceled by us.