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We are a family run and funded guinea rescue and any help would be greatly appreciated. Vet bills, food and bedding all add up so anything you could do to help would be fantastic!


We Currently Have An URGENT GoFundMe Appeal!


Please read and share our story and appeal



We have come into an unforeseen circumstance, which is forcing us to move all of our residents and guests, out of our main building.

We are hoping to have a special shed built, in the back garden, which will be able to house all of our current piggies, and hopefully more! We actually have a waiting list for piggies to come in at the moment too!
The shed will need to be a minimum of 12 x 12ft, and will need to be specialy insulated and have electric outputs, heating and air conditioning, so that it will be suitable for the piggies throughout the year. It also needs to have perpose built hutches, which will need to be specialy built, in order for them to fit in right. We need to have electric running to it, so that we can have lights in there, for seeing to the piggies in the evenings,etc, and so that they aren’t left in the pitch black of night, all night long.., especially in the winter when the nights are much longer.
To be able to make our dreams come true, we need all the help we can get, to be able to spread the word and raise the funds needed to cover everything.
The sooner we can raise the money, the sooner we can make this amazing dream become a reality.

Thank you and may God bless you all,

Lucy and The Ark Guinea’s




When re-homing our pigs, we do ask for a small adoption fee. This does not cover the full care of the piggie but helps us continue to run our rescue. Any additional donations would be wonderful.

Amazon Wish List

We are ALWAYS in need of new toys, cages, food, bedding, etc, So if you would like to help us out and buy us something that we are in need of, please visit our Amazon wish list on:

Please click here to view our Amazon Wish List


If you or your children would like to interact, learn and help with our Pigs, please get in touch. We work closely with other rescue centres in the area.


Thank You very much from Us and Squeaks from the Pigs! 

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