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Gone But Never Forgotten


9th July 2019

We have some extremely sad news for you all…

We have had to say goodbye to our beautiful Crystal pig today.

She started going off her food, which everyone that knows her, knows that she loves her food!, on the Friday night.., So we took her straight to our vets on Saturday morning.

Our vet, and ourselves, thought that is was just her usual ovarian cysts that were playing up… we even had a scan done on the Monday morning, and it showed something that we still thought was a huge cyst.., so we got her in first thing this morning, for a big surgery.

Being that Crystal is 6 & 1/2 years old.., we were all really worried about her going under the anaesthetic.., but we knew that she would die without it.

So, just after 10am.., she went into theatre.. and within 20 mins, our vet came out and called me to go out the back. I went out there, and I just knew that something was wrong.. She asked me to go into the theatre with her, as she couldn’t believe what she had found.

Crystal had a tumour…

The tumour was absolutely huge! It was 3 inches across, and had grown stuck to all of her intestines and bowel.. the cancer had already spread too, and had destroyed her liver completely… Our vet couldn’t believe that Crystal was actually still alive, with the way things were.

So.., I made the decision to let Crystal be put to sleep, while she was already under the anaesthetic. I stayed with her the whole time, and as soon as her heart stopped, I was able to hold her properly and kiss her goodbye.

My heart is completely shattered, and things here at The Ark will never be the same… but at least now, she will be reunited with her Andy Panda.

Until the day that we meet again…










We’re Back!

June 16th 2019

We finally have our doors REOPEN!!



Our amazing new piggie sheds went up this Tuesday, and we have already had some guests staying in it!

We are over the moon that we can get back into helping even more piggies than just the emergency cases that we have helped over these last months.

We still need to raise more money, so that we can buy new, stackable cages for the piggie shed, as well as many other bits that are still desperately needed.. so please do keep sharing our story and Go Fund Me page with all of your friends, family, etc.









Fundraising For The “All New Ark” 23037502_1502820698.3232 

May 16th 2019

With all the work that has been going on, and the work that still needs doing, at The Ark, we need every bit of help possible, to make our dream of re-opening become a reality.

There are a few ways that you can help!

  • Fundraising for us – by doing sponsored events, school/church cake sales, etc.
  • Donating directly to our PayPal –

or through our Go Fund Me page -

  • Buying things through our Amazon Wish List
  • Donate any unwanted fleece items, hidey houses, toys, etc.
  • Sharing our story and our Go Fund Me fundraising page, with EVERYONE YOU KNOW! :)


Without all of your love, kindness and support.., it wouldn’t be possible for us to rescue, help and rehome so many little piggies.., So THANK YOU ALL so very much, and may God Bless you all.



Our New Piggie Shed & The Grand Re-Opening      


May 14h 2019

It’s now mid May, and here at The Ark, we are all excited!! Wheeeek!!

We have finally been able to order our wonderful new piggie shed, and officially re-open our doors!

We raised £3110 for this project, but it very quickly cost us more and more on top..

We had to have the garden here all prepared (trees, plants, grass, all cut back), a whole concrete area laid, so we have a nice level surface for the new sheds to go on.. and we have now ordered the beautiful new sheds… yes.., you read that right.., we are getting two sheds!

We obviously need to store all of the hay, food, sawdust, bottles, bowls, beds, toys, etc.. so we have ordered a second smaller shed, to act as a storage for everything.

The company we have ordered both sheds from, is –

The picture attached to the left of this article, is to give you an idea of the piggies main shed.

Our sheds will also be named after two very special friends of ours.. Robin Howell & Lily Cabano.., They will be named “The Robins Den” (The piggies living quarters) & “The Lily Pad” (The piggies storage shed).

Keep a watch out on our social media pages, over the next few weeks, for any shed and re-opening updates.

Welcome Baby Nala


In mid November 2018, we had a call about a litter that had been left at Pets At Home, so we decided to try Crystal with one of the babies…. And…. We officially welcomed Baby Nana (Banana) to The Ark Guinea Family on 4th December.

She is a beautiful Golden Agouti Abyssinian, with lots of personality.

She is gaining weight and growing very well, and she loves to play, popcorn and do her daily zoomies.

She is very vocal and already thinks that she’s a big pig. She’s not frightened or even bothered in the slightest by Crystal, whom she lives with, or any of the other full time Ark Residents.

Keep a watch on our social media pages for future photo’s of this little but loud sassy lady!


Good Bye Sweet Andy Panda. 


Yes.., its been a very sad time for us here at The Ark…,

We had to say a heart wrenching good bye to our Andy Panda boy, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer on Thursday 12th July, and passed away in his sleep in the early hours of 16th July.

We are all missing him so ver much, and The Ark will never be the same with out him.

if you would like to help remember Andy Panda, please feel free to go to:

Where you can download and print a special picture of him, made by our friend Charlotte from Goofy Guineas.., then colour it in, any way you want! You can then send us a photo of your coloured in picture and we will put it up on our social media pages.

Welcome Abbie!


24th May 2018

We are very happy to announce that we have a new member here at the ark.., this time its of the human kind! Please welcome Abbie, our new co-owner!

Abbie will be telling you all about herself, in a special upload on our social media platforms soon.., so keep a watch out for that!


Oscar aka Night Fury



February 2018

So after Oscar was adopted in November 2017, he caused so much trouble, that he had to come back!

He isn’t very good with other males, as he is extremely active and likes to mount constantly.

Lucky he stole the hearts of so many people across the intawebs, so it hasn’t taken him long to find himself a new home. He has a lovely lady coming from Northampton on 18th Feb 2018, to take him home with her.

He will get to see her two piggies.., but will most likely need to continue to live alone.


Autum and the babies

January 2018

So our beautiful guest, Autum, had two gorgeous babies on 29th Jan 2018.

Babies and momma are all doing really well.

The babies will be going up for adoption on 5th March 2018, but will will keep Autum a little longer, just to make sure that her body is back to being its best after having the babies.