We like all of our guineas to go to there forever homes in pairs as Pigs thrive in pairs or groups. Guinea pigs can become very lonely and depressed if alone. However,  we do understand that occasionally, people are wanting a friend for a guinea that they already own. In such a case, we do let guineas go as a solo.

We also offer something that NOT MANY RESCUES DO!! – ‘Piggie Play Dates’. It can be difficult to pair Guinea Pigs, which can lead to fighting and serious injury, and so this service is perfect to help your furry friend find a new companion.


Piggie Play Date

A ‘Piggie Play Date’ is for those looking for a new friend for your piggie(s). We set up a small play cage, with no place for a piggie to hide in. We put your piggie(s) in the cage with some snacks to nibble on, to help them to relax in their new surroundings. We then start to introduce your piggie(s) with different pigs, to see who they get along with best. We find that their behaviour in those first few minutes will show you if it’s going to work or not. It is a safe environment to ensure no piggie gets hurt.

By doing this, you don’t have to take a piggie home and risk them not getting along with your pig(s). But rest assured, If for any reason you are not able to take care of your piggie(s) anymore, you can call up and arrange for your piggie to come back into The Ark, to find a new forever home.

Adopting a new Pig

Our adoption process starts with your pre-arranged visit to us, so that you can meet the pig/piggies that you wish to consider for adoption. Any questions that you have, can be asked at this appointment, and you will also get given a Piggie Care Guide, which can come in very handy!

If you find the piggie(s) that match what you’re looking for at your appointment, you can fill out the adoption form, pay the fee and as long as you feel all ready and have everything that you will need, you can take your fur-baby(babies) home that day!

Piggies we have available for adoption

To find out who we have available for adoption at the moment, please check out the page “Our Guinea Pigs”


Our adoption fee’s are as follows:

Solo Piggie: £25

Pair of Piggies: £45

Any after two are at £20 each.

Our piggies are not neutered, unless they come in already done. If this something that you think that you may want, this can be done by our vet for £120. This includes a stay with us the night before the operation, the operation itself, then the stay with us for the first 10 days following the operation (Day 3 for a check up and Day 10 for the stitches to be removed), then your piggie will be ready for their new forever home.

There is always a risk with small animals and surgery. Therefore same sex pairings are ideal.

** It is still not recommended that you put a male in with a female, until 8 weeks AFTER the neutering surgery.